Hands-On: HTC One

The HTC One is the latest superphone to come from HTC and it doesn’t disappoint. From its exquisitely crafted, seamless all-metal construction to the gorgeous 1080p display with Gorilla Glass, the unique UltraPixel camera and the dual front-facing speakers, the HTC One is probably the best smartphone you can get right now.

The HTC One is a phone you want to hold in your hand and its no wonder considering that it takes 150 minutes to make a single all-metal body out of a single piece of Aluminium — yes, just the body alone takes more time to make than most manufacturers spend on making a full smartphones.

The HTC One is also the best sounding smartphone we’ve ever heard thanks to the dual front-facing speakers and dedicated hardware amplifier. The speakers produce rich, clear and loud sound with minimal distortion. The device is proper high end with features that users will really appreciate when using the device daily. Check out our hands-on video to see what we think of HTC’s latest and greatest.