Budget 2013: RM200 off smart phone purchase for youths

Smart Phone Budget 2013 Rebate

UPDATE: Cabinet lifts RM500 price cap for Smart Phone rebate program. Read on for more.

During the Budget 2013 announcement yesterday, one of the mobile phones related highlight is the RM200 off rebate for smart phone purchase by youths aged 21 to 30 years old with an income of RM3,000 and below. This will enable more youths to stay connected on the go with currently 22% of the population is said to be smart phone users. The rebate is set to benefit 1.5 million Malaysian youths which will cost about RM300 million next year.

The mechanics of such rebate is not clear but it is said to be eligible through an authorised dealer with the Youth Communication Package. While going through authorised dealer with a possible contracted plan is seen as fraud prevention, we hope it is not tied to a single provider and a limited choice of handsets. Youths should be given the freedom to choose their desired model and telco.