Qualcomm S4 runs cooler, proven with butter melting test

Qualcomm S4 Butter Test

With smart phones getting more cores and running at higher speed, most users tend to complain about their devices getting hot pretty quickly. Qualcomm in the other hand, claims that their processors are much more thermally efficient and it is cooler than the competition.

To prove this, they compared 3 devices in a simple butter melting test. Obviously the hottest will melt the fastest and the device that runs the S4 processor is expected to hold the butter in its solid form much longer. If you’re wondering what devices are being used, the picture above would probably reveal the models which come from Korea and USA respectively. The unit on the right is non other than the HTC One S which runs on the S4. The HTC One S is coming to Malaysia real soon through U Mobile but it seems that we are likely to get the older Qualcomm chipset that’s overclocked to 1.7GHz.

Head after the break to watch it in action beginning at 0:50 mark.