Samsung’s At It Again. Releases New Series of Poke Fun at Apple Ads

Sometime in November last year, Samsung made headlines by doing something that can be likened to sitting naked in a Kancil with a hornet’s nest next to you and poking said nest vigorously with a big fat stick. Samsung made fun of Apple, and by extension, Samsung made fun of Apple users.

Now, taking that sitting naked in a Kancil with a hornet’s nest analogy, you’d think Samsung would’ve been stung to death by millions disgruntled Apple loyalist by the time the first 30-second ad finished playing. Oddly enough, that didn’t happen. While Apple fans were up in arms, outraged at what Samsung had done, the rest of the world smiled.

And the rest of the world had a good reason to smile. Samsung’s ballsy tongue-in-cheek ad campaign was funny, witty and entertaining. More importantly, it was effective.

Not meddling much with a successful formula, Samsung’s at it again with a new series of commercials that continues poking fun at Apple and Apple fans, specifically iPhone users.

In all honesty, we like what Samsung has produced. The ads are genuinely funny. They deliver a crystal clear message and they compel you to share them on your social media stream. By these definitions, these Samsung ads are the perfect textbook examples of TV commercials. And so we’ve compiled the whole series so far for you in this post so that you can enjoy them as well.

Now, we’re expecting a lot of discourse about these ads particularly from the Apple purists. They’ve called what Samsung have done as below the belt or undignified or downright nasty even, and that’s ok, we like discourses, the exchanging of opinions.

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We’d like to think that at we have a level head when it comes to tech. Android fans have called us Apple fanboys and we’ve been called vice-versa by Apple fans. We’ve been called everything in between by BlackBerry and Nokia users as well. Ironically, being called fanboys of all sorts can only mean that we’re actually playing favourite to none and we will continue to be that way.

The point we’re trying to make here is that before any Apple fans come and say “oh what Samsung did is classless” we’d like to you to view a video we got from YouTube after the jump. It’s a compilation of the “Get a Mac” or better known as “Mac vs PC” ad campaign that aired in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK from 2006 to 2009. So tit for tat then. In any case, we thought those were funny too.


“Get a Mac” Compilation