Sony Xperia S gets priced in the UK. Hovers around RM2,000 range

UPDATE: UK Pricing is normally inclusive of 15% VAT which is often rebated for tourists. We’re looking at RM1750 after tax rebates.

The Sony Xperia S which was revealed recently is now open for pre-orders in Europe and the UK. In the UK, the Xperia S is priced at £429.99 while in Germany, Italy & France it is priced between €449 to €499.

The lowest £429.99 UK price tag is actually similar to the Galaxy Nexus UK pricing at £429. If converted directly that’s about RM2,059 in today’s currency which is quite close to our Galaxy Nexus RRP of RM2099. However do note that it is usually cheaper for us since the UK charges VAT of 15% which means that it costs around RM1,750 after tax rebates. Meanwhile Italy & France is pricing it from €449 which is approximately RM1,784.

This gives some indication for our local pricing and we are expecting the Xperia S to be priced somewhere around the RM1,900-RM2,200 range. Ideally, we hope Sony Ericsson would price this locally below the RM2,000 mark. As comparison, the Xperia arc was launched in Malaysia last year at RM2,099.

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