Chief Android designer responds to Face Unlock issue

Matias Duarte, the chief Android designer was on the first episode of The Verge show. During the show, he was asked about ICS Face Unlock feature which recently was proven to be unlocked with a photo.

His answer? Face Unlock on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is optimised for “common use cases”. He added that if someone kidnaps you, takes your face off and puts it on like John Woo’s Face Off Movie, it also could defeat Face Unlock. Basically it is just a small security measure to buy time for you to deactive and perform a remote wipe on your phone. For us, we prefer sticking to pattern unlock as our method of phone locking.

For those still having doubts on our face unlock video, someone by the name of Andrew McSweeney has repeated our unlocking test. He used the exact same set up, with a Galaxy Nexus which was programmed using his face and then unlocking it with a photo of himself on a Samsung Galaxy Note. Watch it after the break.

If you haven’t watched it yet, check out our Face Unlocking video where a Galaxy Nexus was fooled by a photo 3 times.