Will it Blend?: iPhone 4S

UPDATE: Eagle eye reader meyou has pointed out that the iPhone was showing the “iPod” icon. On iOS 5, the “iPod” icon is now replaced with “Music”. Looks like it was the iPhone 4, not the iPhone 4S that was blended.

Original Post:The iPhone 4S is virtually identical to the iPhone 4 in appearance, so we know how this is going to end.

On a side note, Mr. Tom Blendtec didn’t actually talk to Siri in the video, so the phone you see could be just another iPhone 4. Then again, apart from slight repositioning of the volume and mute buttons on the left side of the device, there is almost nothing to tell the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S apart.

The video could just be a stunt to promote Blentec’s just released iOS app. iTunes link here.

Now, can someone please ask Siri “will you blend?