By the numbers: iPhone 4S CPU and GPU performance benchmark figures

One of the biggest improvements made to the iPhone 4S is its processor. Where its predecessor was running a single core brain, the iPhone 4S kept up with the joneses with a dual-core processor and an updated GPU.

Apple says that the iPhone 4S is twice as fast as its predecessor and delivers over seven times faster graphics overall, but is this claim founded? More importantly, with the A5 in the iPhone 4S running at just 800Mhz, how does it stack up against the mighty Samsung Galaxy S II with a dual-core processor that’s pushing 1.2Ghz?

The meticulous reviewers at Anandtech ran some benchmarks on the iPhone 4S and the results will surprise you. Despite the slower clock speed and a yet to be determined RAM count, the iPhone 4S tops the charts when it comes to hard-core performance.

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First up, we have CPU performance, and as you can see, the iPhone 4S is clearly significantly more powerful than the iPhone 4.

The same can be said with the graphic performance of the iPhone 4S with a benchmark score that completely eclipsed the single-core iPhone 4.

Its browser rendering performance is through the roof as well.

Despite the slower 800Mhz clockspeed, Javascript performance on the iPhone 4S is right up there with the fastest of them being almost twice as fast as the Galaxy S II in the same benchmark. Apple underclocked its A5 processor to 800Mhz as a built-in power management strategy to give the iPhone 4S similar if not better battery performance as to the iPhone 4. Where other manufacturers relied on raw processing power for blazing performance, Apple combined brute hardware strength with software finesse to offer the best of both worlds in terms of performance and stamina.

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And so there you have it, the iPhone 4S is indeed what Apple claims it to be. Benchmark tests show that it is twice as fast and delivers seven times faster graphics than the iPhone 4. More surprising is the fact that the iPhone 4S also scored better marks by some margin in all the benchmarks when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S II.

So fence-sitters, would this make you jump to Apple’s side?