Spotted: Yes Life in App Store

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A hawk-eyed Twitter tipster alerted us on something very peculiar today.

He found Yes Life available for download from Apple’s App Store and shared with us the screen capture you see above. Immediately, we tried to look for the app ourselves but could not find it and assumed that the tipster could see it because his iPhone was jailbroken.

Apparently the app was already brought down by the time we tried looking for it but the tipster assured us that the Yes Life app was available in the official App Store. Right after that we were mentioned in this tweet from @YesCare — the official customer care Twitter account for Yes — stating that there will be a “formal announcement very soon”.

Yes have begun to send out invitations to the media and bloggers to an event happening on Thursday, May 12. The opening line of the invite stated that the operator will be “reinventing the mobile phone”.

For the uninitiated, Yes Life is a communications applications developed by Yes that allow subscribers to make phone calls and send text messages using their PC with a 018 mobile number. In addition to that, Yes Life also features a cloud-based address book allowing the user to easily switch PCs yet still have access to his complete contact list. Currently, Yes Life is only available for Windows.

We use Yes Life on our computers on occasion and although making phone calls is awkward, blasting out text messages using the app is great, especially when you’re sending messages out to a bunch of people at once.

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If this Yes Life is indeed coming to the App Store then it is possible to conceive that devices like the iPod touch and iPad could effectively be used to make phone calls and send text messages. This is not necessarily anything new because there are apps like Viber, Fring and Skype the in essence, allows you to do the same thing. All these apps however have one limitation, well actually two: 1) both parties need to have the app installed to be able to make and receive calls and 2) they don’t come with an actual phone number.

So is this Yes Life any different? If it is anything like the PC version that comes with a 018 mobile number which allows you to call any number in the world, then this is something we’re looking forward to because potentially, you can transform an iPod touch into and iPhone of sorts!

Now we’re wondering if there will be Yes Life for other mobile platforms and if a Mac version is coming as well.

Yes is keeping mum about the whole thing so we’ll have to wait till Thursday next week to find out what is really going down with this Yes Life app.

Massive thanks to @jonrulezz for the alert and the screencap Awesome stuff!