Drive a car using only what you see through a smart phone’s display

Here’s a viral video Sony Ericsson made to showcase the screen display quality of the Xperia arc. The video presents us with a scenario where a car’s windows are all covered with sheet metal and the only way for the driver to see where he’s going is through the screens of a few well-placed Xperia arcs around the vehicle. With only the screens of the Xperia arcs as his guide, the driver then traverses a dirt road circuit as fast as he can.

Yes, it is overly dramatic and we’re a bit confused as to how this stunt shows how good the Xperia arc’s Reality Display is (we’re pretty sure you can do the same thing with any smart phone and get pretty much the same results), but it is still fun to watch nonetheless right after the jump.

Click on full screen for full effect.

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