Yes brings a host of improvements to

First up, today marks the end of the free 10GB usage for Yes 4G subscribers who’ve signed up with the service before December 19. That means Yes subscribers will now be charged for data usage.

Moving on the to topic of this post. The Yes portal was brought down from 2300hrs on Saturday, December 18 and came back up at 0600hrs on Sunday, December 19 for maintenance and for the implementation of some improvements to the website.

From our own experience, we can see that the improvements brings a better flow for the users and information looks to be much better organized now. The previous version of the Yes website lacked any flow and had users clicking through a virtual maze to even begin understand what Yes has to offer. So this is a good thing.

That is not to say that this new version has completely solved the navigation and usability issues on the Yes website but at least the improvements are steering the site to the right direction.

Speaking of improvements, the most notable improvements we can see on the portal is the addition of a cost comparison calculator allowing customers to compare cost of other mobile broadband operators with Yes. Once you understand how the calculator works, it’s easy enough to use. However, we’d like to see a notice to say how up-to-date the rates are in the calculator and also a description of how the results are tabulated. This lends more credibility to the calculator.

You also get easier access to the Yes Mail page from the portal. It is also now easier to find contact information for customers to get help or ask questions about Yes.

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For those who are looking to sign-up with Yes using the portal, we have to say that the experience is still rather disjointed and can get confusing for the uninitiated. If you really want to, signing up online is still possible though we feel that the flow can be better.

For Yes subscribers, the self-care section is much cleaner now but you are still not able to see how much data you’ve used or how many minutes of phone calls you’ve made and received nor can you see the number of SMS you’ve sent. Also, you’re still not able to track your transactions in terms of your top-up details and in some instances the are discrepancies in the account balance. We hope this is fixed soon. In the meantime we recommend you keep a record of how much data you’ve used on Yes and also the payments made to Yes just to be safe.

As mentioned, there’s still room for improvement on the Yes website especially in the online registration and self-care aspects. Yes has been fairly quick in implementing these changes but in our opinion it shouldn’t have been the case from the beginning. No matter, there’s no point reveling in the past, we’ve mentioned before that a baptism of fire is where great brands a forged from so Yes need to continue implementing this improvements but they will need to work faster. Because now as users are being charged, each and everyone of these users will want to know exactly how much they use and what they are paying for.