Yes offers Free 10GB data for early adopters


As we all know, Yes had a shaky start during launch. While rectification works are underway, Yes is giving out 10GB of free data for customers who sign-up for Yes before December 19.

The free usage offer is only applicable for data so calls and SMS made will still be chargeable at RM0.09/SMS or a minute of call.

In addition, Yes has extended the activation deadline for those who have pre-registered for a Yes ID and a 018 number to December 12.

Despite having issues in the beginning, such positive gesture is welcomed and it is the right step forward in handling its challenges faced. We can see that Yes is genuine about delivering Internet for all.

Assuming that Yes now have 15,000 subscribers, and that the data charge is set at the maximum rebate price of RM0.02 (30% rebate), this free data exercise will cost Yes a whopping RM3.15 million (RM21/GB X 10 X 15,000).

We’ve recently managed to perform some tests on the Yes 4G network and the results does look very promising. Check out our first impressions and recent KL Test drive post for more information on the performance of the Yes network.

We’re hoping Yes will be able to sort out these issues as soon as possible and kudos to YTL Comms for this free usage move.

Eligibility details below:

For all Yes customers who sign-up before Dec 19 2010:

We offer you complimentary data services, up to 10GB per Yes ID on our network, from the launch day until Dec 19 2010. Data billing will begin on Dec 20 2010. However, charges still apply for our Yes 018 telephony services (voice and SMS).

For all pre-registered customers:

We will also extend the activation deadline until Dec 12 2010. Those activated Yes IDs will be entitled to enjoy complimentary data services until Dec 19 2010 as well.

Full details here.

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