Media agency apologises for Yes SEM farce

In the wake of the Yes search engine marketing farce, the WiMAX operator’s media agency, Carat has stepped up and taken full responsibility clarifying in an official statement that an error when utilsing a feature called Dynamic Keyword Insertion was the root cause and that the agency had made an “oversight

In the unfortunate online advertising campaign, competitors’ names were advertised in the headline of a search result but the links led back to the Yes 4G website.

Carat Media Services, the media agency responsible for all of YTL Communications’ media buy, claimed that it rectified the error within five minutes but as many have already seen, it was five minutes too long with tremendous damage already being done to the Yes brand.

Carat today, MD Roy Tan stated in an official stated:

We regret that due to an error made by us the paid search campaign has caused confusion among users of search engines. We would like to extend our apologies over this incident to them, our Client and those affected and explain what transpired.

This error was wholly unintentional and should in no way be taken as a reflection of the YES Brand or YTL Communications. At no time did YTL Communications require or instruct us to carry out the activities. It was done purely by us and in this regard YTL Communications is innocent of such an action.

What remains unclear is, how was the oversight made as veteran agencies like Carat would have processes in place to ensure that such an error doesn’t happen. It is unfortunate for a new brand like Yes to be caught up in this as it is adding unnecessary stress to an already botched up launch.

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