Yes 4G credit do expire

UPDATE: Yes4G confirms account expires after 90 days via twitter.

One of the selling point of Yes is that you only pay for what you use and your yes credit never expires. Their claim of only paying for what you use isn’t really what consumers would expect as there’s a minimum RM30/month commitment discovered during sign up. As a result, casual users with usage below RM30 monthly will end up paying more than what is needed. In short, you’ll need RM1 a day to stay active on yes or a minimum of RM365 top up for a full year.

On yes credit, we were told that failing to top up RM30 a month will result suspension however your credits will be frozen until the next top up is made. This morning, in response to our previous tweet on suspension, @yes4G had replied that you’ll have 90 days for the account to remain valid where you’re able to receive calls and SMS.

So what happens after 90 days? They didn’t reply but from what we can tell is that you’ll probably lose your credit along with your yes ID after 90 days of not topping up. Isn’t that already expiry of credits? They have confirmed via twitter that your yes account will expire after 90 days of inactivity. In short, yes is no different from any other prepaid players in town and they do practise the usual “active” period and the final “suspension” period before you lose your entire prepaid account.

So isn’t this misleading? Few days back we posted an article about deceptive advertising by an Singapore owned telco in Australia. Now we have this together with yes deceptive Google Adsense advertising.

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