Not a good start for

UPDATE: Yes reveals yescare hotline number 03-83130000. 8AM-10PM Mon-Fri and 9AM-5PM Sat-Sun and PH.

Yes 4G, Malaysia’s latest 4G Mobile Internet operator is facing some serious issues at the moment. Their website is still not up and running properly for more than 15 hours since its 6.00PM launch yesterday evening. It is sheer humiliation for a tech company to have its website failing during launch. We wonder what is their SLA and uptime guarantee over at YTL Communications. If the site is down for a full 24 hours, they have already reduced their uptime guarantee to 99.72% in just a single day!

Not only does this drive away potential new customers online, it also gives a bad impression on their reliability since they can’t even resolve their website issues over an extended period of time. People will be thinking what more if there are outages or serious congestion issues in future? Will they take that long to resolve? This is very unacceptable in the telco business and surely other telcos would not allow such problems to happen.

Website aside, several new sign ups including us can’t seem to authenticate our yes ID despite keying in exactly what was registered and confirmed via email. Even if you tried to request for a new password, the 4G Network Manager links you back to their website which is obviously down at the moment. Considering yes is pushing for everything to be on the cloud, reliability of keeping things online including their website should be their number 1 priority.