Honda ASIMO — there’s an app for that

If you’re a car junkie that’s also a geek then chances are you will know the upright walking wonder robot made by Honda — ASIMO.

Over the years, the ASIMO robot have won our hearts over with its cutesy walking style and boy-like demeanor and now it’s winning over the memory space of our iPhones as well.

Under the skin of this fancy app lies a basic pedometer function where the more steps you take the more items in the app you will be able to unlock. With every 100 steps, the ASIMO robot will evolve from it’s humble beginnings in 1986 to its latest iteration that you see today. For every level you unlock you get to watch a development video of various versions bipedal robot that Honda has developed.

Once you’ve unlocked ASIMO, you can race your ASIMO around the 5.8km Suzuka circuit. You can also compare your lap time with other players worldwide as well as share your results on Twitter and Facebook. It’s an interesting app go try it out, hit the iTunes link to download.

Oh and an Android version is coming soon.

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