YTL Comms reveals 4G service brand – YES

UPDATE (101117): Yes rates leaked at 9 sen per 3MB data / 1 minute of talk / SMS. Read all about it here.

UPDATE (101104): Registration of yesID starts now. Book your username and 018 at

YTL Communications tonight has revealed its 4G service brand. The name is simple and its called YES. Yes, that’s right.

4G Mobile Internet + Voice
They also announced that there will be a land grab for 018 mobile numbers starting from midnight tonight. It is believed that Yes will commence voice service on Day 1 of launch. To book or register your number, keep a look out on their website when the clock strikes 12.

Interestingly the voice service is different from the rest. Yes claims that they will offer full cloud-based services allowing you to sync your contacts directly. Plus, when you register your 018 number, you’ll also get your YesID which comes with an email address e.g. [email protected] Pricing for Yes service will be based on Pay As You Go model. This is because Yes believes that consumers should pay for what they use, just like water.

YES DEVICES: USB, MiFi, Desktop Modem & 4G Phone
Now to the devices. Their USB 4G Modem will be called YES Go while their MiFi device is called YES Huddle. Meanwhile 4G phone will be called YES Buzz and its all in one home modem with voice and WiFi will be called YES Zoom. The YES Buzz 4G phone is SIM-less and all you need is your YesID. Pretty simple and direct naming for their products.

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Pictures from the event below:

YES 4G Coverage
In terms of coverage, YES claims to have more than 1000 base stations covering 65% of Peninsular Malaysia. As comparison they claim P1 to have less than 800 base stations. That’s a massive difference considering P1 had started earlier!


  • YES is working on Android based 4G Phone running Android 2.2 Froyo!
  • YES will offer free WiFi running on its network on ERL to demo high speed seamless mobility. ERL are free to try the service while on board
  • YES will be launched on 19th November 2010
  • Don’t forget to register your YesID at 12:00AM 4th November at

More updates as they come in. Watch this space and follow our twitter feed.

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Welcome to Yes


YES Network