U Mobile broadband promo offers free modem

UPDATE: U Mobile has tweeted that the FREE bundled modem is a ZTE MF180 which seems to support up to maximum 3.6Mbps download.

Original Post: U Mobile is now offering free USB 3G modem with subscription to the UB40 and UB68 mobile broadband plans.

The promo requires that you pay RM168 upfront and RM100 will be rebated back into your bill in the form of RM20 across five months.

Other than that there’s no changes to the mobile broadband plans offered by U Mobile. The UB40 offers download speeds of up to 1.0Mpbs with a 2GB data cap. Additional data usage after the 2GB cap will be charged RM10/MB with a maximum charge of RM176/month for excess data on top of your monthly subscription.

For UB68, you get “unlimited” data usage and download speeds of up of 3.6Mbps. By unlimited, U Mobile means you get 5GB data a month at up to 3.6Mbps download, once you burst that cap, you connection will be throttled until the next billing cycle (there’s no charge for additional data). U Mobile doesn’t state what at what speed the connection will be throttled to.

Like all the U Mobile mobile broadband plans, the UB40 and UB68 are contract free.

We find that it’s weird that U Mobile keeps the model of the free modem vague. Naturally, as the modem is offered for free, marketeers would want to highlight what modem it is exactly. Reading through the FAQ and T&C, all we know that the modem is from ZTE.

What’s our take on this? Its a pretty standard offer, nothing that we haven’t seen before. If you don’t mind the limited coverage compared to the big three, U Mobile offers decent, stable connectivity. We have a backup U Mobile prepaid data SIM and never had problems with connectivity.

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