Samsung Galaxy S with Swype break world record for fastest text typed

The Samsung Galaxy S, arguably one of the most advanced Android powered phone to hit the Malaysian market will make its debut tomorrow exclusively to Maxis.

Specs wise the Galaxy S doesn’t bring anything new in to the Android game save for the huge 4in Super AMOLED display and the proprietary 1GHz processor that is using the same core architecture as Apple’s A4 processor inside the iPad and iPhone 4. But as with most Android devices, it does come with some nifty custom features that is unique to Samsung.

One of them is the Swype text input interface. Swype allows you to forego the standard virtual keyboard and enter text simply by gesturing on the screen. It’s not a new approach, people using WinMo devices from the days gone by would probably know what we’re talking about.

Well, it appears gesturing technology has moved on quite a bit from the WinMo stylus days, so much so that it can now comfortably compete with physical keyboards in terms of speed and accuracy when texting.

Samsung proved that point with a legit Guinness World Record attempt for the fastest texting.

And like we said, gesture is not something new, even Google has an app for Android that uses gestures to allow for easier searching on mobile devices but the way Samsung has appllied it is devinitely novel.

Head on over to after the jump to see the record attempt being made and a bonus video of the Swype fares against the virtual keyboard on and iPhone 3GS.

By the way the phone used in the video, it’s not a Galaxy S, it’s an Omnia II.

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And if you’re interested in seeing how fast you can text with whatever keyboard on whatever device you’re using, this is the text typed during the record attempt.

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Good luck!