iPhone: It’s not about tech or the specs. It’s about the experience

To most, Bob Borchers may not sound as familiar as Steve Jobs but he definitely had an important role to play in the development of the original iPhone all the up to the 3GS.

He was in town recently to talk about innovation at a conference, though Borchers is no longer at Apple working on the next magical product, he shared with local journalist what is it that makes anything coming from Apple so desirable.

For starters, less is definitely more. For example, when it comes to marketing the iPhone, Apple made a conscious decision to say very little about the product. Instead the company wanted customers to get to know about the product through videos and tutorials.

To Apple, the tech and the specs of a device doesn’t create teh desire as well as the experience that the device offers. With the iPhone, it is the experience that made users become “engaged with it and really fell in love with it”.

Borchers said in an interview while he was here that is definitely helped that Apple had strong, loyal following “but what makes a product great, whether you are looking at the iPad, iPod or the latest iPhone, comes back to great experiences people have when using the device”.

Sexy and innovative design helped considerably as well but Borchers believes a successful product need not be the one with most features but one that a few features but does them all well.

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