Video Demo: Farmville for iPhone

TIME calls Farmville — one of the most addictive Facebook games — as one of the 50 worst inventions, but that’s not stopping Zynga, the developers of Farmville, to work with Apple on an app for the iPhone.

Apple considers the Farmville app for iPhone to be an important addition to the iPhone app ecosystem, so much so that Steve Jobs gave Zygna CEO, Mark Pincus a speaking slot at the WWDC10 keynote prior to the iPhone 4 announcement.

Both Apple and Zynga seems to be optimistic about the Farmville app and for the millions of Farmville addicts out there who have iPhones, iPads, or iPod touches, it’s going to be a big deal when it launches.

Apart from a demo of how Farmville plays on the iPhone, not much else was mentioned during the presentation. No solid date on when it will be available on App Store and no indication on whether it will be free or not. Pincus did drop a clue, saying that the app will be available in time to celebrate Farmville’s release date which is 19 June.

In the meantime head on over to after the jump for a short video demo of Farmville on iPhone as seen at the WWDC10.