iPhone 4: Sample pictures and video taken from the 5MP camera

You’re looking at a sample picture taken using the iPhone 4 5MP camera. It certainly does look good but not anything we’d call spectacular. Comparable with what the HTC Desire and the Nokia N8 can churn out.

The thing with digital cameras is that if the light conditions are optimum any one can take a decent snap that’s sharp with accurate colour reproduction. The real test of a camera is how it performs in the absence of light. Low light conditions will really tell if a camera is good or not.

And with the backlit sensor – a first for a smartphone – the iPhone 4 has to really shine in dim situations, so to speak. Unfortunately, none of the sample pictures from the Apple website really tested the low light capabilities of the iPhone 4 camera. So we will have to wait until we try the iPhone 4 out for ourselves.

Head on over to the jump to see a 100% crop of the same picture to really get some idea on the level of quality the iPhone 4 main camera can deliver.

More picture samples at the iPhone 4 website.

You can also view a HD video recording sample taken from the iPhone 4 here.