Give it a shake!: Charge your smartphone with kinetic energy

Your smartphone always running out of juice?

Here’s a way cooler alternative to a battery pack or car charger. The nPower PEG (Personal Energy Generator).

The PEG is a small, lightweight device that allows you to create renewable energy while you walk or run. It generates and stores electricity created by kinetic energy from your movement. The more you move around the more energy the PEG generates.

The PEG even has a smart circuitry system that adjust and adapts to generate the maximum amount of power from the type of movement.

Just place the PEG in your backpack, briefcase, or handbag and walk. As you move, the PEG harvests the kinetic energy that you’re already generating and converts it into usable power for recharging your smartphone or whatever device you might be using.

nPower, the makers of the PEG says the kinetic charger is compatible with over 3,000 devices. So shouldn’t worry to much.

Specs wise, the PEG is made out of polycarbonate and is encased in lightweight titanium. There’s 1000mAh li-pol battery in the PEG and that’s good enough for a 3/4 charge for most devices.

It’s a cool device and a novel concept. We’ll give it that but for US$150 excluding delivery, we’d rather stick to a battery pack. Plus, the site doesn’t tell you how long do you have to move about to fully charge the PEG.

Hit up the link for more info on the PEG