Bring your iPhone back in time with the iRetrofone base

Remember the desk phone dock for iPhone?

That was an iPhone dock that made the smartphone function like a standard deskphone albeit with some neat modern touches like built-in speakers and a microphone so that you can play music from your iPhone or talk on speakerphone. You can also transfer data, sync and charge your iPhone with your computer.

The handmade iRetrofone Base is something else altogether.

Sculpted like it just jumped out of time portal right from the 1950s and casted one at a time from resin, the iRetrofone is designed to be compatible with all iphones. It’s not just a pretty dock mind you, the handset is fully funcational so you can use it just like a classic corded phone. It accepts USB and can be used to charge and sync with a computer.

The makers of the iRetrofone base says it is “easy to use, avoids radiation and looks cool“.

If this is the dock you’ve been looking for, check out details on the iRetrofone base here. It’ll set you back a hefty US$195. Whoa.