Steve Jobs explains Apple’s stand on Flash support

Just couple of days back, Adobe officially announces that they have given up all hopes of Flash development for iPhone Apps.  Steve Jobs obviously had made it clear that Flash is no go citing stability and HTML5 is the way forward.

To cement his stand, Steve Jobs released a press release on the matter that touches 6 points below:

  • Not open standards – Flash being closed while HTML5 is more open
  • Full web experience – Flash being old and missing out on full web experience
  • Reliability and performance – Steve Jobs continue to bang on Flash being the main cause of crashes on Macs
  • Battery Life – Flash being software dependent and takes a big chunk out of iPhone battery life
  • Touch Interface – Flash being developed for mouse input and not suitable for touch
  • Dependency on 3rd party – Any platform enhancements would require 3rd party tools to enhance their features as well which could take time to reach out to developers

Engadget has a nice summary of Steve Job’s statement and have some interesting debate points as well.

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