Streamyx and UniFi HSBB DOWN!

Our public Twitter timeline is lighting up like the 4th of July right now.

Massive complaints on Streamxy and HSBB UniFi subscribers not able to connect to the Internet. Apparently TM‘s broadband service was down as early as 1730hrs

We can’t verify is this is a nationwide outage or if it is multiple instances of isolated casses but by the sheer number of complaints we’re seeing it looks like it is a major outage.

Updates as we get them.

(Update 1759hrs 15042010) Getting reports that Celcom broadband is down too.

(Update 1821hrs 15042010) TM replied via Twitter that “they have escalated the issue to the relevant parties and will update accordingly“. We shall wait diligently for those updates. Stay tuned!

(Update 1821hrs 15042010) Looks like this will be our final update on the Streamyx and UniFi HSBB outage. Twitter timeline reporting both services are up including Celcom. From our estimates, it looks like the nation’s largest broadband provider was out of commission for over 30 minutes.

Even if the service was down for a seamingly short period, the question is, what caused the outage and has enough measures been pun in place to prevent it from happening again?

30 minutes can mean a lot of money for businesses that rely on TM for their Internet. Not to mention the number of Celcom broadband users who were also affected.