Wow!: Apple approves Opera Mini for iPhone

(Update 0118hrs 15042010) Some people reported problems getting Opera Mini to load any web pages. We got the solution in video HERE.

(Update 1133hrs 13042010) Opera Mini for iPhone is now available for download in Malaysia App Store. Direct link HERE.

We thought that it would never happen but it has.

Opera has just made an official announcement today that the Opera Mini mobile web browser has been approved by Apple for the iPhone and iPod touch and it will be available for free in the App Store within the next 24 hours, depending on where you are.

Opera Mini will be the first alternative web browser for the iPhone and iPod. Currently there over 50 million people using the browser worldwide and we’re amongst them. Using the Opera Mini 5 in our traditional non-touchscreen phones, we have to say, it is a really good mobile web browser. So good in fact that we’re putting ourselves out on a limb in saying that the Opera Mini is even better than Apple’s Mobile Safari.

You know what’s funny? Opera has even setup a countup page to track how long it takes for Apple to approve the app – now that’s positive thinking!

Can’t wait to get our hands on the Opera Mini for iPhone!

Check out a video preview of the Opera Mini on iPhone after the jump.

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