A Detail look at iDiGi Plans: DiGi iPhone Offer

Is DiGi’s iPhone offer worth it? How does it compare with Maxis iValue Plans? Which gives you more value? These are questions that most people might be asking. We take a deep look into DiGi’s iPhone price plans and payment modes to give you a clearer view of the iPhone deals being offered.

Plans Types
For DiGi’s iPhone offering, they only offer a commitment based with fixed usage quota type of plans under the denomination of iDiGi 88, iDiGi 138 and iDiGi 238. The numbers indicate the monthly commitment of RM88, RM138 and RM238 respectively.

Unlike most commitment plans that allow you the flexibility to freely use your commitment fee, iDiGi plans fixes the number number of voice calls, SMS, MMS and Internet data usage you make. This similar to Maxis iValue Plan for iPhones.

Unfortunately DiGi does not offer any bolt-on plan like the Maxis iData plans where existing postpaid users are able to get the iPhone by adding on a monthly data plan on contract.

iDiGi vs iValue
Comparing both iDiGi and iValue, there isn’t an exact clear winner. DiGi might have displayed that they have double of whatever Maxis is offering but that isn’t painting the full picture.

From the comparison above, Maxis’s iValue does have significantly more Voice calls compared to DiGi. To be fair, we must not deny the fact that the voice does carry a lot of value. For example, iValue 1’s 333 minutes is worth RM49.95 vs iDiGi 88’s 200 minutes that worth RM30.00 if calculated based on the same rate of 15sen/minute. People who make lots of voice calls will definitely gain more value out of iValue plans.

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However, DiGi does have its own advantage whereby where SMS and MMS can be sent to all networks. For Data, it is double of iValue’s offering and there’s no excess charge if you exceed although you may have your speeds throttle down.

Since the iPhone is a heavy data consuming device, we can’t help but to see DiGi’s iDiGi is a better choice due to more data allowance and the peace of mind of not getting excess charge.

Payment Modes
DiGi has also made the iPhone 3G ownership easier. There are 2 things to pay that is the iPhone 3G device and the monthly iDiGi subscription. So here are 3 modes that you can go.

  • Cash/Credit Card Up front
    Pay the subsidised iPhone price in full according to subscribed iDiGi plan with 6 months iDiGi plan.
  • (EPP 24) 24 months iDiGi subscription + iPhone over 24 months
    Pay the subsidised and 24 months iDiGi subscription over 24 months at 0% Interest by Credit Card.
  • (EPP 24+12) 24 months iDiGi subscription + iPhone over 36 months
    This is the lowest monthly ownership but you’re actually paying for only 2 years usage for 3 years. After 2 years, you are free from the contract and can opt for other DiGi postpaid plans but you would still need to carry on the monthly payments for additional year.

Our take is that since all options above are tied to a 24-month contract, it doesn’t make sense to go for the 1st outright mode. Why spend your money up front when you can split your expenditure over 24 months at 0% Interest Rate. There’s no extra savings for paying upfront compared to taking the 2nd option.

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For the 3rd option (EPP24+12), it may look confusing but when calculated you’re not paying much extra as shown above. There’s shouldn’t be any price difference from the 2nd option (EPP24) as it is still charged based on credit card’s 0% Interest easy payment scheme. So this option can be considered for those who desire an iPhone but wanted a low commitment. Do note that some total amount may not match due to rounded up monthly figures.

The only downside for this option is if you decide to settle it earlier and 36 months is quite a long time for a phone. EPP payments would normally lock down your credit card’s credit limit until the EPP period is fully completed.

The key difference between DiGi and Maxis is the fact that DiGi offers a more data eccentric plan and allows more flexible payment for easy ownership. If pricing is important, DiGi’s plan is the way to go. However there are other things you won’t get on DiGi such as extensive 3G coverage nationwide enjoyed by Maxis. DiGi’s 3G coverage is quite limited to selected cities and you will be pretty much stuck with EDGE if you travel outstation a lot.  However if you do get 3G Coverage, DiGi’s Turbo 3G seems to be getting rave reviews that it is more stable compared to Maxis’s already bogged down network.

At the same time, we also wished that DiGi would do more for its existing customers by either offering a discount or allow a bolt-on iPhone package. Even the offer for the existing iPhone owners is nothing new by suggesting the same RM58/month unlimited internet package.

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Next we would hope to see some response for Maxis and hopefully DiGi would further fine tune their plans later.