Maxis adds more iData plans for iPhone, iPhone 3G S coming this month?

maxisidatanewMaxis has add more variety for the iData plans which can be added on to your existing Value Plus plans.

When firstly introduced, it came only with a single RM99 plan for 3GB of data. If 3GB is too much, they also offer 2 smaller monthly data plans of  RM30 for 250MB and RM50 for 500MB.

Of course, the price of the iPhone 3G would be less subsidised for the smaller “byte” packages.


iPhone 3G S coming to Malaysia?

Another hot news is that new iPhone 3G S is coming to Malaysia by Maxis as highlighted here and here. The rumoured date of launch is 19th July 2009. Some questions come to mind if this does launch in the weeks to come:

  • Will Maxis maintain the same price for the new iPhone 3G S?
  • Is there an upgrade plan for those who purchased iPhone 3G from Maxis?
  • What happens to existing stock of iPhone 3G?

Nothing is confirmed but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a better deal to come.

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