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Social Media

Want to dive into the fascinating world where technology meets culture and society? Join the SoyaCincau.com social media team and spark conversations that ignite minds! We’re looking for a creative content whiz who can amplify our platform’s unique insights and connect with a wider audience through engaging social media magic.

Explore Tech & Culture: Join SoyaCincau.com’s Social Media Squad!

Social Media Manager (English)

What you’ll do?

  • Content Alchemist: Transform our website articles and YouTube videos into bite-sized social media treasures. Think captivating snippets, thought-provoking questions, and visuals that spark curiosity!
  • Video Visionary: Put your video and editing skills to work to craft short, dynamic videos that bring our insights to life on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. Think fun formats, on-point editing, and a sprinkle of SoyaCincau.com charm.
  • Collaboration King/Queen: Team up with our content wizards to build a strategic social media calendar that keeps our audience buzzing. Think scheduling smarts, audience insights, and a dash of creative surprise.
  • Community Catalyst: Dive into the comment section, engage with our passionate community, answer questions with wit and wisdom, and foster genuine connections. Don’t hesitate to tap into our network of subject matter experts for extra knowledge!

Why You’ll Thrive Here:

  • Growth Playground: Learn from industry experts, master new social media skills, and watch your career flourish. Think workshops, mentorship, and constant opportunities to innovate.
  • Thriving with Flexibility: Design your workday around your peak creativity with our flex-hybrid working environment. Occasional in-person gatherings foster team spirit and ensure seamless collaboration.
  • Performance Powered Perks: We fuel your growth with above-industry remuneration, annual increments, and performance-based bonuses. Keep your look on point with a grooming allowance and enjoy generous leave days with carry-over options.
  • Thoughtful Culture: Join a team as passionate about exploring tech and culture as you are. Think stimulating discussions, open-mindedness, and a genuine connection to what we do.

Who You Are:

  • Content Connoisseur: You have a knack for crafting engaging narratives and turning complex topics into bite-sized nuggets of social media gold.
  • Social Media Savvy: You navigate the ever-evolving landscape of platforms like a pro, and staying ahead of trends is your superpower.
  • Video Visionary: You can transform raw footage into viral gold with your editing skills and creative eye. Think platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels.
  • Team Player Extraordinaire: Collaboration is your jam, and building hype with your squad is the ultimate thrill.
  • Flexible Thinker: You adapt to new platforms and challenges with ease, and thinking outside the box is your default mode.
  • Community Builder: Building vibrant online communities is your forte, and turning followers into friends is your secret weapon.

Qualifications (Plus Points for…):

  • 2-4+ years of social media experience, especially with platforms relevant to our audience.
  • Strong understanding of tech, culture, and society trends.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Experience with video editing tools (e.g., Premiere Pro, CapCut).
  • Experience working in a collaborative team environment.
  • Open-mindedness and a genuine passion for learning.

How to apply?

  • Ready to join our passionate team? Send us your resume and a short video (max 2 minutes) that ignites our inner hype squad! Show us your personality, fire up your creativity, and showcase your social media magic – anything from editing wizardry to witty banter, we want to see the real you!
  • Please submit your application materials to [email protected]. Be sure to put –  I’m the Social Media Manager you’re looking for!” – in your email subject heading. Send your video submission via Google Drive link, and include the link in your application email.

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