What is Ad-nalysis?
Oya and CC (we’re the people behind this blog) like looking at ads, be it TV, Print, Radio or Online. We look at ads like a wine connoisseur tastes wine – that is, from every aspect, from the obvious to the subtle.

One. Because to an extent, that’s what we do for a living.

Two. If you know what to look out for, a simple 30-seconder can tell you a lot about the company and the product. We like to look into all that.

We’re going to share with you what we think about the current crop of ads out and about in the country today. Because we like to share.

Currently we’re focusing more on ads from local celcos because that’s where we are right now but of course if we see or hear ads from other industries or from around the world that’s worth a mention. You’ll see it here as well.

A word of caution.
Our opinions are that of our own, so please do get up in a fit if we think your ad is not worth the paper it’s printed on. That’s just too bad isn’t it, if you’re from the ad biz you should know you can’t please everyone all the time.


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