Gerak Malaysia: Things you need to know before you can travel interstate between 7-10 May

[ UPDATE 6/05/2020 17:00 ] QR code will be required on Gerak Malaysia app for interstate travel. Interstate travellers are urged to update to Gerak Malaysia 2.5 on 7th May. More details here.

[ UPDATE 5/05/2020 17:00 ]: Gerak Malaysia has provided an FAQ which outlines all permitted scenarios for interstate travel. More details here.


The Royal Malaysia Police has provided more details for interstate travel that will be granted between 7th to 10th May 2020. According to the police, interstate travel is not allowed except for those that are stuck at their hometowns to return back to the city. Balik kampung is strictly not allowed.

Those that plan to return to the city must apply via Gerak Malaysia. For those who can’t apply via smartphones, they may apply with an application form at their nearest police station between 4th to 6th of May. The police are urging everyone to make an appointment first before going to the station.

Police have revealed that there are over 1 million downloads for Gerak Malaysia and a total of 462,505 requests for interstate travel were received.

Those that have applied previously must provide additional travel details such as origin and destination from 4th to 5th May via the app. The police will screen through all applications on 6th May. Applicants will be permitted only between 7th to 10th May. There won’t be any notification or QR code from the app after the application is made. Once you’ve applied, you may proceed to travel according to the schedule.

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If you’re travelling with your family, all individuals aged 16 and above must register via the app. During the press conference, there’s no mention of any passenger limit per vehicle. Those intend to fly domestically must also apply via Gerak Malaysia.

Application via Gerak Malaysia

The Gerak Malaysia app is available for download from the following links:

iPhone – Apple AppStore
Android – Google Play Store
Huawei (without GMS) – Huawei AppGallery

After the installation of the app, you are required to verify your mobile number (TAC verification) and provide your personal details. GPS location access must be granted for the app.

After installation, you can proceed to request for permission to travel between states by selecting “Perjalanan Antara Negeri”. In this section, you are required to provide your current location as well as your destination address.

The new forms for interstate travel are only available on the latest update. If you’ve downloaded Gerak Malaysia previously, you must update your app from the Apple AppStore, Google PlayStore or Huawei AppGallery. Gerak Malaysia is a contact tracing app that’s developed by the MCMC.

When can you travel?

As announced by Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, interstate travel will be permitted between 7th to 10th May (Thursday-Sunday). The police have provided a schedule which must be followed according to location.

7th May – From Kuala Lumpur

8th May – From Perak, Johor and Kelantan

9th May – From Perlis, Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Melaka and Pahang

10th May – From Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Terengganu

The Police has also reminded that all R&R facilities including eateries along highways will be closed to maintain public safety. All prayer rooms and suraus are to remain close. Public toilets will be permitted to open at the R&R stop. Drivers may stop at the car parks for rest and any form of gathering is not allowed. Petrol stations along highways will be able to operate between 6am to 12am.

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As highlighted by the Senior Minister, despite business and offices are reopening starting 4th May, they must only travel in the scheduled dates provided by the police. He urges civil servants not to rush and only to resume work on the following Monday, 11th May. Similarly, the private sectors are urged not to take action on affected employees for not turning up to work on 4th May and to allow them to start in the following week.

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