International capacity loss due to APCN2 cable fault fully restored for TM customers

A day after a submarine cable fault was reported, Telekom Malaysia has announced that they have successfully restored the loss of affected international capacity by fully rerouting and optimise traffic via alternative international link routes. As a result, TM says data connectivity to sites and servers hosted in Hong Kong and the US are now fully optimised.

The original issue was caused by a fault on segment 3 of the Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2). It was reported that the issue had caused service degradation for video conferencing, gaming and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services that are hosted in Hong Kong and the US. Originally, TM estimated that the extra international capacity will be ready on the 20th April and the broadband provider has managed to deliver that ahead of schedule.

In the time being, TM will continue to fine-tune their network and will continue to monitor their network performance together with their consortium partners in other countries. TM has iterated that the issue had caused minimal impact as they had rerouted traffic to alternative routes while restoration works by the consortium are underway.

Although data traffic had increased by 30% during the Movement Control Order, international traffic on their network had only increased by 5% according to TM. This morning, the MCMC has assured Malaysians that the network fault had little disruption to Malaysians as most content providers have peer connections at MyIX and there are cache servers on the Internet Service Provider’s network. This will enable popular content to be accessed locally without interruption.

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Alexander Wong