Flux is Malaysia’s new car subscription service with a large selection of models

When it comes to content and services, we usually pay via a subscription. This includes Netflix, Spotify, Adobe Cloud and even Microsoft Office. Since cars depreciate in value, getting a car through subscription could be a better alternative and recently we’ve seen some providers such as GoCar and Renault, offering a subscription option.

If you’re looking for better variety, Flux is a new car subscription platform that offers more selection of vehicles across multiple brands such as Kia, Honda, Toyota, BMW, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. You can subscribe from a minimum of one month up to a long term period of three years.

At the moment, Flux operates in the Klang Valley and they offer a concierge service that handles the delivery of the car as well as the scheduled maintenance and service. As you would expect, the subscription fee covers road tax, insurance and maintenance. That means you would only need to worry about petrol, toll and parking apart from the monthly fee.

Most of the vehicles are fairly new with low mileage but there are some older vehicle options which Flux has cleaned and restored to “like-new” condition. The vehicle’s mileage and photos are displayed clearly on their website.

Some of the affordable options include the Kia Picanto from RM814/month, Toyota Vios GX from RM998/month and Toyota Yaris from RM1,189/month. There are also SUVs available such as the Honda HR-V from RM1,809/month, Peugeot 3008 from RM2,162, Honda CR-V from RM2,243/month and Volvo XC40 from RM4,653/month.

For a flashier ride, you can check out their premium options. This includes the Mini Cooper S Clubman from RM4,318/month, BMW 740Li (2009) from RM5,111/month, Mercedes-Benz S 300L (2013) from RM6,383/month, BMW 530i M Sport from RM7,839/month and the BMW 630i GT M Sport from RM8,837/month.

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Do note that the listed starting price is based on a 3-year subscription. It will cost more on a month-to-month, 1-year and 2-year subscription options. By default, the cars come with a “Lite” 1,250 km mileage per month which is ideal for city driving. If you need more, you can add on the standard 2,000 km or unlimited mileage options. Obviously, this will increase the monthly cost significantly.

Without these packages, Flux will bill you excess usage per KM which could cost a lot more. Do note that the mileage package pricing will vary depending on the vehicle type. For example, the Honda City will cost around RM157/month for 2,000 km per month and RM942/month for unlimited mileage. Meanwhile, for the BMW 630i GT, the 2,000 km package costs RM972/month and unlimited option will cost a whopping RM5,833/month.

If you’re planning to subscribe, do note that there’s a reservation fee of RM79.50. Upon collection, you will need to pay a refundable security deposit equivalent to one-month subscription. According to Paul Tan, the deposit could range between 1 to 4 months depending on the individual’s risk profile. The payment is done entirely online via credit card.

If you’re not satisfied with the car, the platform also offers a 3-day risk-free return policy. According to the FAQ, Flux will then suggest a similar replacement within the same price range. This return policy is applicable if the mileage is within 150 km. If you’ve exceeded the mileage, they will charge a full monthly rate for the vehicle.

One of the key differentiators for Flux is the flexibility to swap cars. After using the car for one month, you can swap to any vehicle within your subscription period. Just contact them and you can switch at your preferred time if you agree with the new car’s subscription rate. It is reported there’s a one-time RM375 swap-fee and you are able to downgrade or upgrade your vehicle within the subscription period.

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Overall, it is more premium than Renault’s car subscription, but Flex offers the benefit of a concierge service and access to more vehicles. The ability to swap cars makes it appealing to those who want to try different cars during the subscription period. It’s a perk you won’t get if you lease or buy a car with a typical car loan. For more info, you can check out Flux’s website.


Alexander Wong