Celcom kicks off Malaysia’s first 5G Live Cluster Field Trial in Petaling Jaya

Celcom has just announced its 5G Live Cluster Trial at their headquarters. It will cover a 1.22 sq km area in Petaling Jaya.

According to Celcom, this is Malaysia’s first 5G Live Cluster Field trial, co-existing with its 4G LTE network. This gives them the opportunity to test new 5G applications and use cases. The test will cover a substantial area which includes PJ Seksyen 14, Menara Celcom, Crystal Crown Hotel, MBPJ Tower and Taman Jaya LRT. It is expected to cover 450 households, 130 shop lots, offices and outdoor spaces with an estimated population of over 4,600.

At Menara Celcom, they will deploy a MIMO 64T64R network running at 3.5GHz with 100MHz bandwidth for indoor coverage. They will also deploy five 4T4R 28GHz outdoor sites with 800MHz bandwidth. The network is connected by high-speed fibre and 10Gbps E-Band microwave.

At the event, they had demonstrated a speedtest with 6Gbps on a laptop. On a 5G mobile device, the network on C-band had clocked over 1.2Gbps download on Ookla’s Speedtest.

The 5G Live Cluster Field trial will run for a period of six months. The telco will conduct user trials with MBPJ as well as residents and business owners located within the coverage areas. Celcom has also revealed a 5G surveillance truck which can be used to assist in security efforts.

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Alexander Wong