Honor 7 First Impressions: Get more without busting your budget

Fingerprint Scanner and personalisation


Since we’re talking about the fingerprint scanner, the honor 7 is surprisingly easy to set up requiring just 5-6 taps to register your fingerprint. Unlocking your device by touch is effortless and to some extent it feels quicker than a Galaxy S6, OnePlus 2 and possibly even the iPhone’s Touch ID.

The only complaint is the placement of the sensor at the back, making it impractical to use when the honor 7 is lying on the table. However we are told that this is designed for quicker unlocking as you take the phone out from your pocket.

Smart Key


The Smart key is one of the key highlights of the new honor 7 and it is supposed to give you access to services at your fingertips. For example, in China, it works as a personal assistance to book for movies, transport or simply to get more information. For the rest of the world, honor is looking for local partners to serve each respective target audience. Whether they have it or not, the Smart Key is fully customisable and you can set specific actions for a single press, double press or long press. For us, we set double press for touch light and a long press to trigger Google Voice search.

Better Gesture Controls


Like most Chinese phones, you’ll never short of having different ways to interact with the device. You can draw alphablets while the screen is off to quick launch certain apps and the honor 7 also comes with knuckle sense, which lets you screencap your device when you knock on the display twice with your knuckle. While this limits the Huawei P8’s “double tap to wake” functionality, surprisingly the honor 7 still offers that, giving you the best of both worlds.


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Alexander Wong